Winter family portraits

I love my repeat clients.  I even like the ones that don’t repeat, but it’s always great to see how much everyone has changed.



I love shooting high school seniors that I’ve known since they were in kindergarten.  I actually hadn’t seen Jillian since 5th grade and I’m always so shocked to see that they have turned in to young adults.  I guess I forget how old I am and how much time goes by.  Seems like every year it goes by faster and faster.

Heidi and Brenton and this sweet little baby Romy.

I love this family.  I have been with them since before their wedding and just love my friends and families who keep me in their lives.


Hetal and Collin

Oh my gosh, these two were the cutest.  I just loved them for who they are.  They seemed to really get each other and made each other laugh the entire time.



The Bynums

I have known Jim and Trish Bynum forever and I am grateful for it every day.   They are the very successful owners of At Your Service Event Management and some of the finest people I know.  I have never seen such a hard working team.  It was an honor to shoot their beautiful twin daughters and  get to know them.  Both beautiful and so different from the other.  I love my job.


Paulson family portraits.

Love this family.  The unposed photos are my very favorite.  Love the sibbling fights. Keeping it real.


Bat Mitzvah

I love, love , love shooting bar/bat mitzvahs.  I think because the actual ceremony part of it is so beautiful.  I love the words of wisdom and the hope for the futures of these young kids.  I had the chance to work with the adventure Rabbi, Jamie Korngold and her words and music were so beautifully spoken.  I am also impressed on how hard these kids work for this ceremony and how hard they work learning the Hebrew Prayers.

Kipela family portraits.

I absolutely love working with kids and families.  The best part about it is when the kids are just being themselves without having to pose.   No matter what

I do they always end up doing what they want and I think that is perfect.

Horse barn photo shoot.

This was an amazing photo shoot. One of the women bid on my gift certificate at an auction for Birds of Prey and asked if I would come out to her barn and shoot all the women with their horses. I love animals but have never really been around horses.  What struck me was the connection they each had with their horse.  I guess I’ve always been a bit afraid of them as they are so large, but these ladies had no fear at all.  Only incredible love for their animals.

Keva Brearton

Another beautiful high school senior and a few family shots to boot. And sweet little Olivia who snuck in for a few.