I love shooting high school seniors. Especially ones I’ve known their whole life. What a beautiful girl Annabelle is.






Julia, Jeremy and baby cooper.

The first time I met Julia I knew I would love her.  She’s beautiful, kind and tough.  I am sure, despite her size, that she could kick my ass.  I like that in a woman.  Her husband Jeremy is funny as heck and has a heart of gold.  I’m sure they balance each other very well.  I shot their engagement photos and then their wedding and now the baby.  I loved watching them be new parents.  The realization that your life is forever changed and that a night out on the town with a babysitter eats up half your paycheck. I remember way back when when I babysat and got paid 50 cents an hour.  Now they are making $15 an hour.  It’s a good thing those sweet babies are so dang cute. And you can’t forget about Jefferson Goldstein the dog.  I think that is what made me like these guys so much is that incredible name for their dog.

The Godwins

I have know this family for maybe 15 years.  I have shot weddings, portraits, retirements all of it.  I feel so honored to be a part of a family’s life like this.They become a new family for me.  It feels really cool to watch the families grow and change and each new person is as lovely as the last.  They are a lot like my own family.  Big, boisterous and above all loving and caring people.  Yay Godwin’s thank you for always including me in your life events.

Dance 2B free

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the women who run Dance 2B free a non profit sharing dance in women’s prisons.

I was immediately moved by the inner beauty each one of them possessed.  It is really remarkable to be able to see into someone.  Each woman had their own special way about them and I have no doubt that is this group will make a huge impact on our prison system.

Please take a look at what they are about. http://www.dance2bfree.org/


Dani and Nick

I feel like I never know what to say in these blogs so I’m just going to talk about my experience with this family.  First of all, Dani, the bride.  I loved that when I got her shot list she asked for just a few photos of herself.  I get that, who wants to pose for photos.  But the minute I saw her in her dress I became obsessed with her.  She has a certain shyness or quietness about her that is very sweet.  But the minute my obsession began I couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was to me.  I watched her show up for that and it was really a beautiful thing.  I think  a lot of us do not see our own beauty so to have it pointed out over and over, and believe me I could not quit pointing it out, we start to show up, fully in our beauty.  I got to watch this happen with Dani and I’m so glad.  I find it so interesting to watch who people are through the lens of my camera.  I absolutely love it.  All the things we think we are hiding from everyone, yet we can’t really because they are so a part of who we are.  In fact it is what I believe endears us to those who love us.  Dani, you are beautiful.  Thank you for showing up for me.

Nick the groom was a complete other sort.  He was so full of confidence in himself.  I guess that comes with the territory of being a world class sky diver.  I’m assuming you have to have ass kicking confidence to do that.  What I loved about him was that he was just who he was.  No two ways about it.  And I loved during the toasts when one of Dani’s sisters said how he can never take his eyes off her when she walks away.  Perfection.

Another thing that touched me was when Dani’s father was giving the toast and he acknowledged how much her mother had done to raise those kids.  He was a big traveler and she did all the heavy family stuff. And he so appreciated her for that.  How beautiful is that to be appreciated for what you have done for your family.

So all these beautiful things, in one event, I am a lucky lucky woman.

I would also like to mention the other vendors.  Leanne Jewell from jewelleventdesign.com was amazing.  There was not one rough spot in the whole wedding.   I do not believe I have ever worked such a large wedding that went without flaws.  If you want your wedding to be easy I would call her for sure.  Also the staff at the St. Julien Hotel, the band, the DJ you name it everyone did their particular jobs amazingly well. Oh and lest I forget Design works kicked butt with the room. Take a look below.  Blew me away.

Shayna and Nate Hollman

I have known Shayna for probably 15 years.  Her mom is my book keeper and she has had me shoot all their life events.  I was so honored to photograph Nate and Shayna’s wedding.  We flew to NYC to shoot their engagement session and that was amazing shooting and spending time with them.  They are so sweet with one another and have so much love and support around them.  I know they will be happy in their marriage.  I also love how much their entire family has welcomed  me as a family member.  So much love.  Shayna’s mom did all the flowers and everyone pitched in on all the details of the wedding including the food and you can tell how much love was put forth for them. Here is to a very successful marriage.


A few of my favorites from beautiful Cuba.

Flagstaff Amphitheater Wedding

Loved this wedding and all the sweetness about it.  Truly remarkable human beings.  I kept watching the groom and watched him hug and kiss his friends and family.  It was so beautiful to see him express himself that way.  When it came to his wife, it truly was true love.  The way they looked at each other, held each other and loved each other.  So so beautiful.  Inspirational to say the least.

I was second shooting for Tim Reese photography and could not have been happier to be doing exactly that.

Stephanie and Carl got married.

This sweet couple are getting married in Mexico but wanted to make it legal before they left.  Such a sweet ceremony with their aunt officiating the ceremony.

Can’t get any cuter than these two.

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