Hannah and John


I just loved working with these two. Their love for each other was so obvious, so true and so honest. I have never seen two people really look at each other like they did.
It inspired me in so many ways. We shot this in a park over by Red Rocks, CO on a beautiful sunny day. I wish you both a long and very happy life.

A boudoir experience

This Boudoir session was one of the funniest I have ever shot.  We started at this totally gross hotel as it had the feel we wanted, however the stuff that was on the walls and the floors was a little interesting, to say the least, and I am being polite.  We didn’t want to touch anything.  Of course I made her lay on the bed.  She went to the car wash afterwards for a deep clean.  We found this cigarette burning on the top of the bed and used it for a prop.  It was really nice that they left that for us.  Then about 3/4 of the way through the shoot, two guys next door noticed her.  Of course I had the windows open, amazing light, and  they kept walking by, checking her out. They were making us nervous.  But this young lady kept going despite them.  That is until I closed the door and we heard the door handle move.  That freaked us out and got us out of there in a hurry.  But as you can see, we got what we came for and had an adventure along the way.

Longmont family portraits

This wonderful Broomfield Colorado family wanted something out of the box and creative for their family portraits.  I shot their wedding a few years back and to date it was one of my favorite weddings to shoot.  I love being able to do something so completely different.  And an added bonus as I was taking this first shot a bald eagle flew over my head.  Totally cool.